Trying to Find the Best Driving School in East Brisbane? Come to Countrywide Driving School, Also Serving Brisbane Southside

The lead-up to taking your driving test for the first time can be more than a little frightening. The process of getting behind the wheel for the first time, especially if you are a bit older and just learning, can be fraught with anxiety. That's even more true for those who have had poor experiences with badly trained and unprofessional instructors. Being yelled at is not a good way to create good driving habits. At Countrywide Driving School, we strive to offer not only a better experience but the best driving school service in East Brisbane! From our dual-control vehicles that mean, you're always safe when learning, to our professional and amicable instructors, to our convenient ways to book, everything is about providing you with a smooth experience.

We can teach you over six to twelve months, or you can purchase packages that contain up to 10 lessons for which you can get three hours of logbook credit each! We also offer a test day package that replicates the test conditions, letting you settle into the pattern and equipping you with the confidence you need to earn your licence. There's a lot to Countrywide Driving School that makes us an excellent choice!

We have a process that makes us the best driving school choice in East Brisbane

Our focus on safety isn't just what makes us the best driving school in Brisbane Southside. Our learning process will get you ready for the test in no time! Let's take a closer look at the process you will go through when you learn with us!

First, give us a call or explore our website to book with us -- you can book online for true convenience! We'll engage with you right away and answer any questions you have. We take care of you from the first phone call, and that's part of what makes us the best driving school you can choose. Next, select one of our instructors and begin scheduling and attending your lessons. Our drivers have agreed to be bound by a set of rules and rigorous standards to ensure premium instruction. They are fully insured and ready to help you learn! Best of all, we can pick you up from any suburb in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan areas to start your lesson.

When you're ready, we offer a trial test that lets you see how you'll perform against the testing standard. This gives you confidence and prepares you for getting your licence! After you've completed your learning with us, we will stay in touch with our newsletter. We even offer post-licence courses to help you continue improving!

Call today to get started!

These are just a few of the reasons as to why we're the best driving school Brisbane East and Southside can find. We're eager to help you get your learning started, so book with us online today! For phone enquiries, we can be easily reached by calling us on 1300 657 040. Learn how to get on the road the right way with Countrywide Driving School!

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