Booking your Queensland Driving Test

Written by Ben Ward

Great news today with the announcement this morning by the QLD Premier that you will now be able to book a driving test in Queensland from the 15th June. Like you, we found out from Facebook and had no prior warning of the announcement or the planned process for getting tests started. The good news is we will work hard to make the best out of the situation to get you all sorted for your Queensland Driving Test as quickly as we can. See below for the details and the process.

Note: There is some inconsistent messaging from TMR direct to customers. Currently as a driving school we have no ability to book your test. We will communicate by email as we get updates from TMR.

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Coastwide - Driving Lesson bookings online now available

Written by Ben Ward

We are open for lessons again !!

To our valued customers we thank you for your patience while paused to assess and respond to the broader community needs during Covid-19. We take pride in moving early to protect our team and our customers from what was an unknown risk at the time. 

With community transmission rates in Queensland decreasing, restrictions being lifted and schools re-opening for years 11 and 12, we thought this was a strong enough signal to resume our operations. Most of our team will be starting again from Friday the 8th May, with some returning in the following weeks. You can check out availability on the on the online booking system

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Our COVID 19 Update

Written by Ben Ward

Updated 30th April 2020

Great news Queensland!

It looks like the social distancing measures we have all been living with have had a positive impact on the spread of Covid19 in Queensland. With the changes being implemented on Saturday 2nd May we are making preparations for a staged and thoughtful return to operations. 
As always your health and the health of our dedicated team of Instructors will be our #1 priority. We will maintain an active watch on the watch on the community transmission rates and once satisfied with the results we will reopen our booking system.

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COVID19 and your driving lessons

Written by Ben Ward

Updated 21st March 2020 & Subject to change

As you are aware Australia is currently working through a global pandemic due to the spread of Covid19. This can be a stressful time for everyone and we fully appreciate that.  

We want you to know that we are available for lessons!

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Driving in Queensland with an International Licence

Written by Ben Ward

Moving to another country is an exciting and rewarding experience. I have experienced this first hand when we moved to North America to live for a year. Having to learn to drive in the snow and on the "wrong" side of the road was definitely a great part of our experience. Have you seen a 4 way stop intersection? Now that was a challenge first time around! Then we had to sit for our local driving licence by completing a practical test. So, if you are new to Australia - I feel your pain!


International Driver Licence - Queensland

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97.3 Bianca Mike and Bob Driving Test

Written by Ben Ward

Well that was something different!


Today we challenged Bianca, Mike and Bob to take an adult driving test (BMB 97.3 Brisbane). Big shout out to them, taking a driving test for anyone can be a daunting experience but doing it on air to all of Brisbane takes it to a new level!!



Listen to the Podcast of the Driving Test here.

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Road trip? Safe driving tips

Written by Ben Ward

Driving licence?        

First car?                   

Ready for your first solo road trip?

There is a lot to consider and remember when you set out on road trip. Broadly speaking any successful drive requires adequate preparation and a clear focus on the task at hand. Have you thought about the condition of your vehicle? How long the journey will take? Rest stops? Have you had adequate sleep?

This article from Budget Direct has some great insights from industry professionals in the driver training and health science sector. Make every drive, long or short, a safe drive.

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What driving examiners are looking for

Written by Ben Ward

This week our Coastwide Team were invited to present at a joint TMR and QLD Police community event where road safety for seniors was the theme. An unexpected, but very interesting presentation by a TMR Examiner went through the various elements that he looks for while conducting a driving test. While this was aimed at the Senior audience, there were several great tips for all learner drivers.




Decision Making and Hazards

  • What are hazards?
    • Poor road conditions
    • Pedestrians and vulnerable road users
    • Vehicles approaching from adjacent streets

  • What behaviours do safe drivers show?
    • Getting ready to brake
    • Easing off the accelerator
    • Reducing speed
    • Change road position or lane to create a buffer


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How to login in to the booking system

Written by Ben Ward

We have now fully transitioned to our new booking system. You can only login from 

If you attempt to login via the old link any changes you make WILL NOT be received by your instructor.

The steps below should help you log in for the first time and match any previous account history you have with us.


How to login:

To successfully import your old account you will need to MATCH EXACTLY the following information:


First Name

Second Name

and either

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Is Your Teenager Ready To Learn To Drive

Written by Ben Ward

For most teenagers, learning to drive is practically a rite of passage when they reach the legal driving age, although most parents understandably don’t always see it that way. Teenagers associate driving and owning a car with greater freedom and independence and generally seeing themselves as more grown up and mature.

Car crashes are the leading cause of deaths among teenagers in Australia, and car insurance rates for these newly qualified drivers are also high, because of the high risk factor assessed by insurance companies.

Although many 16 year olds will beg their parents for driving lessons, not all teenagers of course, are ready to learn to drive. Many young drivers have no idea how difficult it can be to learn, how many hours of lessons they will need and the focus and concentration that they will need to maintain.

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