How to login in to the booking system

Written by Ben Ward

We have now fully transitioned to our new booking system. You can only login from 

If you attempt to login via the old link any changes you make WILL NOT be received by your instructor.

The steps below should help you log in for the first time and match any previous account history you have with us.


How to login:

To successfully import your old account you will need to MATCH EXACTLY the following information:


First Name

Second Name

and either

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Is Your Teenager Ready To Learn To Drive

Written by Ben Ward

For most teenagers, learning to drive is practically a rite of passage when they reach the legal driving age, although most parents understandably don’t always see it that way. Teenagers associate driving and owning a car with greater freedom and independence and generally seeing themselves as more grown up and mature.

Car crashes are the leading cause of deaths among teenagers in Australia, and car insurance rates for these newly qualified drivers are also high, because of the high risk factor assessed by insurance companies.

Although many 16 year olds will beg their parents for driving lessons, not all teenagers of course, are ready to learn to drive. Many young drivers have no idea how difficult it can be to learn, how many hours of lessons they will need and the focus and concentration that they will need to maintain.

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Learner Drivers To Invited Book Your Free Keys2Drive Lesson Now

Written by Ben Ward

Queensland learner drivers are invited to take advantage of the new keys2drive national learner driver safety program and receive a free lesson with a keys2drive accredited driving instructor.

Over the next 12 – 18 months, across Australia, keys2drive will deliver 200,000 free lessons funded by the Federal Government.

The free lesson uses a ‘train the trainer’ model with the accredited driving instructor assisting the supervisor/parent to guide the learner driver to adopt safe driving practices. It does this through face to face practical information and instruction on how they can most effectively assist in the training of their learner drivers.

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How to Make Learning To Drive a Fun Experience

Written by Ben Ward

Your teenager is learning to drive, and you have had a sleepless night. You are now sitting bolt upright beside them as they inch their way along the road. Your teeth are clenched, and your white-knuckled hand is gripping hard on the door handle — as if that could make any difference — while your foot keeps involuntarily pressing down on an imaginary brake. Sound familiar!

Learning to drive can indeed be as nerve-racking for the parents as it is for the learner, if not more so. However, you have to bear in mind that if you are that nervous during a driving lesson, your nervousness is likely to communicate itself to your child, who will become even more nervous as a result, and probably make more mistakes — which creates a vicious circle. If you want your kids to end up as safe and confident drivers, they need to enjoy the learning process and find it fun. For this reason, it is probably a better idea to enlist the help of driving school professionals to prepare your teenagers for the brave new world of roads and traffic.

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NSW laws changed for QLD learner drivers

Written by Ben Ward

A little known change that occurred in NSW Laws in 2013 was to revert to the previous legislative approach of applying speed limits on learner drivers as a licensing condition rather than as a Road Rule. This means that the issuing State or Territory licensing conditions apply when a learner driver is driving in NSW. The Queensland allows learner drivers to drive to the posted speed limit. This therefore means that there is no supplementary limit on a Queensland Learner Driver when driving in NSW as they are permitted to drive to the posted speed limit.

However there are strict obligations when driving in New South Wales. Interstate learner drivers must comply with the following licence conditions:

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Don’t leave home without your sunglasses this summer!

Written by Ben Ward

What’s the one thing that you need when you’re driving in the summer? Sunglasses of course!

Since James Dean first epitomised eyewear cool as he cruised around in the hottest cars of the 1950s (he was extremely near-sighted and required glasses), sunglasses have been an essential travel accessory.

If you haven’t yet began to learn to drive (and we’d love to help you out with that), or are only at the early stages of learning to drive, you may not yet have experienced driving in the early morning (sun rise) or late afternoon (sunset) when sun glare can be a real problem, and even cause accidents!

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Rightway ready to deliver RYDA updated program in Qld!

Written by Ben Ward


Rightway and Coastwide are the delivery partner of RSE in South East Queensland for many years and continue to enthusiastically support the Youth Road Safety initiative.

Recently the Rightway and Coastwide Instructor team attended training in the new RYDA 3.0 program which sees revitalised content and format. Also new for RYDA 3.0: Students will receive a ‘workbook’ to record responses, tips and actions. The booklet will also contain valuable resources for ongoing learning and discussion back at school and at home.

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Calculating stopping distances made easy!

Written by Ben Ward

For most of us we rely on the 3 second rule to determine the safe distance to travel behind another car. This rule allows for both reaction time and the time to stop the car.

However, those of you with an interested in maths you can calculate the stopping distance using the NSW Government calculator .

Our Defensive Driving Course increases awareness of the impact of road conditions, vehicle dynamics and other considerations when attempting to stop a moving vehicle.

Check out the ACT Police article on stopping distances   which looks at the following scenario:

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Let us help you go on your first driving adventure with friends!

Written by Ben Ward

2 lesson offer slider
Picture this. You’ve recently graduated with flying colours on your driving test (with Rightway Driving School of course)!

The sun is shining, the windows are down, you’re wearing your free Rightway Driving sunnies (see this page on how to get these!), and you’re in a car with three of your best mates in the whole wide world, heading off to Future Music Festival 2015 in Brisbane OR you’re in your car with one of you SAFELY using your new crew HD Action Camera filming every minute of your new found driving freedom!!!

Well this exact scenario could come true if you hurry up and sign up for our SelfiesTheRightway special summer offer.

Book for only $47 for 2 lessons deal OR if you are an existing customer and have already had a Keys2Drive Lesson with us (recorded in our booking system) or you book one now, you can also go in the draw!

If you’re under 18 (because Future is R18), we’ll give you a Full HD 1080P Action Camera (like a GoPro) valued at a similar amount!!

Future has an insane line up this year featuring Drake, Avicii, The Prodigy, Afrojack, Martin Garrix, 2 Chainz and heaps more!

Check out this first round line up video:

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Enjoy the ride (Video)

Written by Ben Ward

The Government of WA has a wonderful message for all drivers in this video. Slow down, enjoy the ride. Not only great advice for driving but also to enjoy life! Great to see a Government campaign that hits a home run. Posted from Learner Driver Today

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