Keys 2 Drive

Written by Ben Ward

At Coastwide we have supported the Keys2Drive program since it was introduced several years ago. Recently a number of our instructors have opted out of the program due to onerous requirements that make compliance financially unviable. They have instead opted to focus on delivering standard, professional training at the highest standard.

The removal of some of our K2D capacity is not a reflection on the instructors involved, it is purely a business decision for those concerned.

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Book your driving lessons on line today!

Written by Ben Ward

Looking for a simple to use, online booking system?

At Coastwide we can support your driver training with a streamlined online booking process. Check out the simple to use process  to get started. Book a driving lesson online 24hrs per day, 7 days per week. If you prefer the personal approach, our dedicated customer service team is always there to support you through the process.


Get started today!


Put yourself in the driver seat today !   

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Qld Hazard Perception Test

Written by Ben Ward

Are you confused by the new Hazard Perception Test requirements? 

You are not alone!

What is a Hazard Perception Test?

Hazard perception is an important skill and takes time and experience to develop. Demonstrating you have the ability to identify and safely respond to hazards represents an important step in your journey to becoming a safer driver.

Understanding how to scan the road ahead, recognise a potential hazard and respond safely is a skill that will protect you and others on the road. Having time to make decisions when driving can be the difference between responding safely and having a crash.

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Stopping distances

Written by Ben Ward

What factors impact your stopping distance?

(A)  Your driving behaviour - Attention, Fatigue, Impairment (alcohol or drugs), Driver age and experience, Hazard perception ability

(B)  Your vehicle - Vehicle age, type and condition of brakes, tyres, tyre pressure, safety features (ABS,ESC, etc), vehicle weight, towing

(C) The environment - Road surface, road gradient, road alignment, weather conditions


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Greater Brisbane Health Requirements: 11th January 2021

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Following the latest update from QLD Health, please be aware of the following changes from 6pm 11th Jan 2021. Driving lessons will continue as scheduled, however both the student and the Driving Instructor will be required to wear a mask. This requirement applies to instructors and students who have been in, or lessons which are conducted in the Greater Brisbane area as defined by QLD Health.  Our Call Centre  is operating normally and we have increased staffing levels to meet the spike in demand. Please be patient, we will get back to you in order of your call if you are asked to leave a message. The best solution is to change your booking online 24 hours or more before the scheduled start time. You can do this online, at any time. If you are not familiar with the correct technique for wearing a mask, please watch the video on the QLD health web page. If you require any further information on the rules or requirements please contact QLD Health or visit their page below. Please note: Some instructors may choose to restrict their availability at this time due to their own personal circumstances. Please respect their choice to ensure their own personal safety and the safety of their family. We will work with any impacted students to find a suitable solution.

This may change without notice based on information from the QLD Government.

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Greater Brisbane Lockdown 8th Jan 2021

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QLD Government - Greater Brisbane Lockdown 8th January 2021

PLEASE NOTE THE CURRENT INFORMATION AS AT 10am 8th Jan 2021. General Communication regarding Greater Brisbane Lockdown These are in place until 6pm Monday 11th January 2021  As you are aware from 6pm 8/1/2021 the greater Brisbane Area will be operating under a stay at home order.  Here is the OFFICIAL LINK: Here are the impacted Local Government Areas
Relevant Approval / Exclusion  Driving instructors are covered by the following exclusion: Work, or volunteering, or study if it is not reasonably practicable to work or learn remotely
  Additional Mandated Requirements Masks will also need to be worn everywhere in those local government areas except if people are at home. You will need to wear a face mask when doing your lesson during this period.   YOUR LESSON MAY BE CANCELLED As you are aware, everyone has different risk profiles in relation to COVID19. Ultimately your safety is the only priority. Instructors also have different risks which may include vulnerable people in their household. We apologise if we have to cancel your lesson at short notice this weekend. Unless notified your lesson will go ahead as scheduled.    Students and Instructors operating the defined Local Government Areas will be required to wear a mask. Please ensure you have a mask, and wear it, during your lesson.   TESTS - Transport Main Roads (TMR) UPDATE UPDATED 12:20 QLD Transport have just started to CANCEL TESTS for Monday, we will update you as information becomes available.  As at 10am this morning we have confirmed with TMR that TESTS WILL CONTINUE. However, both the Instructor and the Student will need to wear a mask. TMR will allow students to cancel test bookings and reschedule without loss of booking fee.    Cancellation Policy If you need to cancel your booking for this weekend or Monday,  please contact the call centre before 5pm Friday. Alternatively you can cancel your lesson online using your online account.   We appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience and we will act to minimise the impact where possible. If significant changes are announced then we will update via our Facebook page or via our blog.  

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Update Number 5 Queensland Driving Tests

Written by Ben Ward


Queensland driving tests will now be open without restriction from Monday 13th July.

Unfortunately, TMR have not released "Bulk tests" to Diving schools and they are not opening their online booking system. Tests can only be booked via phone.



From Monday you can continue to contact us directly and we will make the booking with transport for you. We are expecting a significant number of test bookings so please have your availability ready and key information including your licence number and test centre preference.

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Update 4 Queensland Driving Test

Written by Ben Ward


Queensland Driving Test Update #4

6th July 2020

Note: Restrictions still apply - see details below.

We would like to say thank your to our amazing customers for working with us over the last few weeks to clear a huge back log in QLD Driving Tests. We are now in a position where we can work directly with you on the phone to make a booking with QLD Transport. While TMR have still not released online access to us, we are able to call in and book a test for you. We have also increased our Customer Service team staffing to meet the demand.

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Update#3 - Queensland Driving Test Information

Written by Ben Ward

Booking your driving test - Queensland

Update #3 20th June 2020


Over the last week it has been great to see that driving tests are back in full swing. Our team has been busy doing as many test as we can to help clear those students who had cancelled tests. As QLD transport have changed access for us to book test we have implemented an interim process which has worked to get as many tests completed as possible. 

We would also like to say thank you for students have moved their lessons to help other book in their test.

Follow this process for best results!

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QLD Driving Test update #2

Written by Ben Ward

CALL 13 23 80 if you have any questions about test times.



If you had a test booked prior to 9th April then you should have been contacted for a Priority Driving Test.

QLD Transport will be able to be contacted from Monday 8th June on 13 23 80.


We suggest that you CALL QLD TRANSPORT and get a test time them immediately contact us by email or text us on 0417567491 with all of your details (Booking reference, Test time, contact number etc). We will then try and match you to your instructor.
TEXT: 0417 567 491

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