Learn to Drive the Safe and Comfortable Way in Bulimba, Paddington, or Indooroopilly with a Driving Instructor from Rightway Driving School

Shouldn't learning how to drive be a fun experience? Of course, it should be! Driving your own vehicle and having the freedom to travel is an awesome experience. Getting there might seem like a trial, though. Who wants to sit in a cramped vehicle while being yelled at by a surly driving instructor? That's no way to learn, and it's surely no way to create good habits for a lifetime of safe driving! At Rightway Driving School, our philosophy is entirely different; we are all about providing you with a high-quality learning experience provided by hand-picked, vetted and trained professionals. We offer many ways to learn with us, all of which will assist you in becoming a better driver and preparing you to take your licence test. We have a driving instructor to suit different Bulimba learners across a wide variety of educational needs. Whether you're a youngster preparing to get your P plates, or you're a more mature individual who just never had a chance to learn, we're happy to teach you everything you need to know.

The friendliest driving instructor you'll meet in Paddington

Rightway Driving School is an RACQ Approved Driving School, and we have been offering excellent driving instruction to Queensland for over fifty years now. Our longevity isn't what makes us great, though - our approach to teaching is what makes our service better! Here are a few of the things that set us apart in Paddington and make us such a great option.

  • We focus on giving you skills that will make you a better driver for your whole life! Rather than just teaching you the basics and leaving you at that, we explore a wealth of material to teach you all you need to know. Our instructors are authorised to give three hours of logbook credit for each hour of instruction so that you can get licensed faster!
  • We work alongside you to make certain you get quality practice in alongside your lessons with a driving instructor, so you can take fewer lessons while maximising your competency behind the wheel.
  • Our team is ready to engage with you in a friendly, professional way from your very first enquiry to your final drive.
  • We offer superior value for your money, bringing more experience and professionalism to the table. When you're learning from a Rightway driving instructor, you're being prepared for awesome driving!

Explore our package options and book online

We are not only an excellent choice to be your driving instructor in Indooroopilly, but we make it easy for you to get started, too. Explore our website further to use our online booking form and you can get started right away. You can also contact us for more information or with booking enquiries over the phone; call us on 1300 657 040 now. We offer a range of packages to suit all levels of need, and you can even get a deal when you're first starting out with us - check it out today.

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