Take a Driving Lesson near Bulimba, Carindale and Wynnum and Prepare for Your Driving Test

When it comes time to take your test to obtain your driver’s licence in Queensland let the professionals at the area’s largest driving school, Countrywide Driving, help you. As a young driver, there is much to learn and much to prepare for in the process of becoming a licenced driver. For 52 years now, we have delivered quality driver’s training to help individuals become lifelong safe drivers. With an emphasis on learning, we make the process of obtaining a licence as easy and fun as possible. Take a driving lesson in Bulimba and put yourself on the fast track to your driver’s licence.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Test

At Countrywide Driving School, the driving test will take two hours and begins with a warm-up driving lesson to acclimate the learner to the test route. This helps the learner driver settle in and relax before taking the test. One of our highly knowledgeable and qualified instructors will administer the test and handle all of the paperwork necessary. The registered operator of your vehicle must sign all of your paperwork.

If you are planning on taking a driving lesson in Carindale and then taking your test immediately after, we do not offer that service. We are not in the business of just being “test passers.” With our half a century of experience, we understand the importance of practice and helping young drivers rectify any driving deficiencies they may have. Young drivers should also gain some familiarity with the vehicle and with their instructor. That cannot happen when a driver takes a lesson and the test on the same day.

Why a Driving Lesson in Wynnum from Countrywide Driving Is Your Best Choice

It all starts with our instructors. These individuals are selected individually by the owners of our company. Each instructor must agree to our quality standards and is continuously subject to performance reviews. All instructors must continue to further their own training and development as they continue in their position with us. We do not hire just anyone to be a driving instructor at Countrywide Driving School. These are individuals that we trust to teach our own children. Your young driver is in good hands with any of our instructors.

We continue to make driving lessons as easy and convenient as possible. The cost of lessons can add up over time and we strive to make our services as affordable as possible. We offer tremendous value for the money, especially with the number of different packages that we have available. And in addition to driving lessons, we also provide our students with a regular newsletter and post-licence training.

Scheduling lessons is easy with our online booking feature. You can also book lessons at our Queensland office or by phone. Paying for your lessons is just as easy, as we accept payments online, via phone, or by EFT. Prior to your driver’s test, make sure you are prepared by scheduling quality driving lessons from the professionals at Countrywide Driving School serving Bulimba, Carindale and Wynnum.

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