Mike (Auto) EDWARDS

With a long career background operating in a high risk, heavily regulated environment, Mike has a natural passion for safety. Mike is a true road safety advocate who wants to see all drivers, young and old, consistently enjoy a safe driving experience.

Mike’s warm, friendly, and inclusive approach to driver safety coaching incorporates more than 7 years of experience in delivering driver education. Mike keeps up to date with  research-based, best-practice driver safety coaching and assessment techniques to ensure that all of his students develop the capacity to actively manage both the journey and the associated risk factors (attitude and behaviours), irrespective of their driving experience.

Mike’s patient natural ability to change his teaching methods and communication style ensures a supportive learning environment for each student.

Mike has a passion for working with people who, for whatever reason, may find the whole driving experience a little overwhelming or who may require additional support along the learning journey. It is really important to Mike that his driving lessons are fun and engaging for all students, whilst not diluting the safety aspect.

In his spare time Mike is a bit of a 4WD enthusiast, liking nothing more than getting out off the beaten track with his family and friends.

Mike is a nationally accredited driver trainer delivering advanced driver safety programs and assessments to a wide range of clients. Mike is a Keys2Drive accredited instructor.

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