Tips to pass your driving test

From our Driving Instructor and former Qld Driving Examiner - Julie

As a former teacher, QLD Driving Examiner and now a Driving Instructor I am well placed to share some tips about the driving test. The first thing is the Driving Examiners (DE) are just making sure that you can drive safely and be a safe driver, for life. The DE is not out to fail you to meet a quota, or because it is Tuesday and we don't pass people on Tuesdays. The DE wants you to pass and get your licence. In fact, at the start of the test, you already have your licence  and you just have to demonstrate to them that you can drive safely.

Here are some common error that learners trip up on during their test.


How far from a stationary car?

Do you know how close you can be to a stationary vehicle ahead of you? 
Impact: If you don't that is 1 minor on your test


Following distance

You .should be all over this by the time you are ready for your test. What factors influence your following distance? What is the minimum? 
Impact: Fail or at least 1 minor if you get this wrong depending on the situation.


Shoulder Check

Are you shoulder checking when required? Do you know when you SHOULD be doing a shoulder check? 
Impact: 1 minor, every time, you fail to do a check when required.



Again, by the time you are going for your test you should be all over these basic driving skills. If you can't successfully demonstrate the required manoeuvre during the test this indicates that you need a little more practice. 
Impact: Critical Fail and failed test.



This is such an important skill. During the test you will have to demonstrate your judgement to merge safely. While we merge in different situations all the time, it is important that you can demonstrate safe merging techniques, including merging on to the motorway.
Impact: Critical fail and failed test. 



You will have to demonstrate the correct process for safely navigating a roundabout. This is a great skill which combines judgement, road rule knowledge, observation skills and confidence in your driving. Remember to ask your instructor for some tips on roundabouts, other drivers in your house may not have the correct information.
Impact: Critical fail or minor error depending on the situation.

The above list is the most common mistakes that learners make on their driving test based on my experience. The great news is that you typically have 12 months and 100 hours of practice to get these things right. If you are happy to work on improving your skills I am very willing to help you achieve your goal of getting your licence. 

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