Since formation in 1905, the club has constantly evolved to meet the changing needs of Queenslanders. Today, the RACQ offer's member services and products, including roadside assistance, travel, finance and insurance. The RACQ state on their website "When you’re ready to start driving lessons, go for the best by using an RACQ approved driving school.

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Learn2go makes it fun and easy to get:

  • Access to the only Queensland officially recognised online Learner logbook
  • An easy to read record that you won’t lose. 
  • A backup copy of your log book
  • Automatic driving hours calculator
  • Automatic reminders of how many hours left to go
  • Handy tips and facts to make learning to drive easier
  • Win cool stuff!

Our customers also benefit from the RACQ's Free2Go program.

free to go


A free2go membership will help you save money and get out of trouble when you’re on the road. free2go membership is open to all 16-19 year-olds living in Queensland. You can join at any stage and access a range of benefits, including 24 hour roadside assistance.


Rightway Driving School is proud to be a delivery partner throughout southeast Queensland.

RYDA is designed for 16-18 year old students who are approaching that crucial time in their lives where they start to drive independently or are travelling as passengers of novice drivers.

At RYDA, students will:

  • Identify risks of car travel (to young driver and passenger) including life-long consequences.
  • Identify contributing factors to crashes and understand how these are preventable (crashes aren’t accidents).
  • Identify what a low-risk driver/passenger is and compare to self (in relation to low-risk attributes).
  • Investigate ways to manage and eliminate road risk by developing and rehearsing personal strategies.
  • Prepare steps (safer driver and passenger behaviour change) to lower identified personal risks and be a socially responsible road user.


The ADTA-Q is the largest industry body representing professional driving instructors in Queensland. Members of the ADTA-Q are qualified driving instructors who provide training for all classes of driving licences - from cars and bikes to heavy trucks and buses.

The Association serves the community by offering professional driving instructors able to provide quality tuition allowing novice drivers to be trained and educated to a higher standard.

The standard of driving tuition offered by ADTA-Q members equips the novice driver with skills and awareness training enabling them to be better-prepared, competent, safe new drivers.

Teaching you to drive safely is our business. Always ask for an ADTA-Q member, it's your guarantee to quality driver training.

Breaking the cycle

Braking the Cycle

Braking the Cycle aims to provide young people with increased; employment opportunities, community connection and driver education meaning safer roads and safer communities.  This is achieved via a volunteer mentor program designed to support learner drivers without access to a supervisor or registered vehicle to complete their logbook hours.

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