Sandy 10 Pack Special at Coastwide Driving School

Sandy 10 Pack Special



Limited time and Limited number of packages - may be withdrawn at any time.

SAVE up to $100 with this special offer for Sandy.

PLEASE NOTE: Lessons in this package can only be used when booking with SANDY.

If you wish to change instructors, an additional $4 per hour is payable. This change must be made via our customer service team.

The package is non-refundable.

Driving Lessons with Sandy

We understand that getting your licence is an important and life changing part of becoming an adult. 

Our New Instructor Special is designed to give you a great grounding of professional driving instruction and a fantastic introduction to training with Sandy. During the 10 hours of lessons, you will learn key skills to help you become a safe driver and put you on a  pathway to have a lifetime of enjoyable driving experiences. Plus you may be eligible for 3 x logbook credit for each hour. You can get up to 30 hours of logbook credit with this package.

If you need more lessons we can always add in additional lessons before your test.


Get started today. 

Purchase your package online today and book your lessons online, anytime.

Our terms and conditions apply to all sales - NOTE Additional restrictions apply to this special package

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