Coastwide Driving School at ALEXANDRA HILLS

Enrol Your Son or Daughter with a Safe Driving Instructor in Alexandra Hills

Learning how to drive and getting a driver's licence are among the most important rites of passage for growing up. When a teenager gets his or her licence, it's like they've just gotten their wings. Their licence is the key to greater freedom, more responsibility, extra time with friends and the first true shades of adulthood.

Still, many parents get nervous about sending their kids off to learn from a driving instructor in Alexandra Hills. What if something goes wrong? What if your son or daughter isn't ready yet? What if the instructor doesn't know their stuff? The road is a dangerous place for first-time drivers, and it's never comfortable, as a parent, to let go.

When you choose Countrywide  Driving School as your driving instructor in Alexandra Hills, though, you can do so with peace of mind that we will keep your teenager safe. We only hire qualified professionals as instructors, which means that our teachers have been subject to both stringent quality controls and consistent ongoing professional development.

Furthermore, we only use five-star safety rated vehicles for our driving courses. All these vehicles have dual controls, so the instructor can take control of the car if something goes wrong during a lesson.

At Countrywide  Driving School, we understand that seeing your son or daughter driving for the first time is a surreal and somewhat worrying experience. That's why our driving instructors in Alexandra Hills will always do everything they can to get your child home safely.

Are you interested in learning more about our classes? Give us a call today on 1300 306 324.

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