Coastwide Driving School at Albion

Coastwide Driving School Albion Instructors Teach You Everything You Need to Know for a Life of Safe Driving

Picking a driving instructor in Albion is a major decision—particularly if you've never been behind the wheel of a car before. Remember that the instructor you choose is the person you are entrusting to teach you vital skills—skills that you will likely be using for decades to come. Of course, you will learn more over time, as you get more driving experience under your belt. However, the best driving instructors will give you all of the foundational knowledge that you need to build the foundation for a life of safe driving.

At Coastwide Driving School, our driving instructors in Albion will help you master all of the fundamentals. Our lessons include focus on:

  • Road Rules: When do you have the right of way? What do different road signs mean? What traffic violations do you have to be aware of, other than obvious things like speeding? Coastwide Driving School lessons include briefings on the rules of the road for drivers who need them.
  • Safe Driving: From staying aware of your surroundings to eliminating or tuning out distractions, so many factors go into becoming a 'safe driver.' Rightway's instructors will strive to teach you all of the tenets of safe driving, so you know how to handle any situation on the road.
  • Defensive Driving: Just because you know how to practice safe driving principles doesn't mean other drivers will do the same. Part of being a safe and smart driver is being ready to react and evade if an unsafe situation suddenly materialises.
  • Driving Manoeuvres: From parallel parking to three-point turns, there are a few semi-challenging driving manoeuvres that every driver should know. We spend some time focusing on these manoeuvres in all Coastwide Driving School lessons.

Are you interested in choosing an instructor from Coastwide as your driving instructor in Albion? Call us on 1300 306 324 to learn more about our curriculum or to book your lesson today.

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