Coastwide Driving School at Bowen Hills

Teach Your Children the Importance of Safe Driving in Bowen Hills

For parents, driving your kids around everywhere they need to go becomes a big part of your life. Then it seems like all of a sudden it's time for your children to learn how to drive on their own. This is a crucial moment. They crave the independence of being able to drive. You, however, understand that while it can be fun, driving is also something you must take seriously.

For the concerned parent, the ideal way to prepare your child for life on the road is with qualified driving instructors in Bowen Hills. At Coastwide Driving School, an RACQ Approved Driving School, we have everything necessary to teach your children vital road safety skills. From our highly dedicated instructors to our comprehensive curriculum and course materials, your child will have access to many excellent resources.

The goal of our driving instructors in Bowen Hills is to equip your child with practical knowledge in the realm of safe motor vehicle operation. This includes everything from the major- (defensive driving), to the minor- (such as how to properly sit behind the steering wheel) techniques. Classroom and group activities serve to reinforce theory and teach good habits.

We then aim to put these habits into practice through practical sessions involving braking, steering, and low-velocity manoeuvres. All our training vehicles come equipped with dual controls, so our instructors can jump in if necessary. The result is a complete education that prepares them for life. Lessons with our driving instructors in Bowen Hills can even count towards required logbook credit at an accelerated rate of 3 hours for every 1-hour lesson (maximums apply).

Overall, the vast number of benefits to choosing Coastwide Driving School should speak for themselves. We are always eager to welcome new student drivers to our lessons. Contact us today to learn about enrolling your teen in our lessons.

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