Coastwide Driving School at Chermside

Learn to Drive with Confidence from Driving Instructors in Chermside

Let's face it: driving can be a little bit scary. Not everyone gets the chance to learn when they're young, and when the need arises when you're older, it can be tough to climb into the driver's seat. Teaching yourself is out of the question, and relying on a friend means potentially missing important details or feeling uncomfortable. Why not turn to experienced and professional driving instructors in Chermside instead? Rightway Driving School's intensively trained instructors are here not just to help you learn the ins and outs of driving safely, but to make you feel comfortable and confident along the way.

The best way to feel less nervous behind the wheel is to know you're totally in control of your vehicle. From learning the theory behind driving safely in the classroom to putting what you've learned into practice, our driving instructors in Chermside will guide you. We'll help you to practice basic but essential slow speed manoeuvring.

Sometimes, a sudden stop is necessary — and we'll teach you about emergency braking because of that. You'll learn how to continuously analyse the road conditions around you while developing your situational awareness, too. Knowing how to steer and handle your vehicle in a wide variety of emergency situations is the best defence against an accident. All of these factors combine into one thing: the ability to safely and effectively drive your car wherever you need to travel.

Rightway Driving School has full accreditation and is an RACQ Approved driving school. Combined with the experienced driving instructors we employ in Chermside; you can feel safe entrusting your driving education to our team. You may even specifically request placement with a female instructor for your driving lessons — we understand your needs, and we work hard to meet them. There's no reason to put off learning how to operate a car any longer; contact us today to book in soon.

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