Coastwide Driving School at Clayfield

Learn Driving Techniques from Instructors in the Basic to the Advanced at Rightway Driving School in Clayfield

In the world of comedy, bad drivers are familiar and easy to turn into source of material for humour. From drivers not signalling their turns to hilariously exaggerated anecdotes of road rage, we've all had a chuckle or two over these jokes. The reality of road safety is no laughing matter, though. Whether you're looking for driving instructors in Clayfield for yourself or a teenager, Rightway Driving School takes its teaching seriously.

Those who enrol for driving instruction in Clayfield can expect a comprehensive course in defensive driving delivered with compassion and understanding. Our thoroughly trained instructors are there to teach you and provide assistance as you or your child works towards completing the course. It's not just about learning how not to be a bad driver — it's about learning how to make the roads safer through your own vigilance.

Driving a car is a big responsibility, and defensively driving means exercising good awareness of your vehicle at all times. That means even when you aren't driving it, too! Our instructors will teach students about basic maintenance, how to keep your car in good shape, and even how to sit properly in your vehicle. Beyond the basics, learning how to manage the risk of driving is crucial. We'll dive deep to help build your understanding.

For those in Clayfield, our qualified driving instructors offer up one of the best ways to learn in an accredited environment. Taking your ability to use a car seriously is as simple as contacting us and discussing which of our learning packages is best for you. If you're calling about enrolling one of your children, we can let you know about which options will most thoroughly prepare them for a license. Laugh off your mistakes in driving school with us, and then work hard to ensure you can handle yourself appropriately on the road.

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