Coastwide Driving School at FAIRFIELD

Minimise Lesson Hours and Maximise Competency with a Countrywide Driving Instructor in Fairfield

Learning to become a good driver takes a certain number of hours behind the wheel, gaining practical experience. However, becoming a smart and conscientious driver also involves a thorough mastery of the rules of the road—mastery that students can build in their own time.

At Countrywide  Driving School, our driving instructors in Fairfield recognise the importance of both practical and theoretical drivers training. When you choose us as your driving school, we will provide you or your student with quality practice supplements. These supplements can be used to master the rules of the road at home, in between driving lessons.

We find that students who take the time to read and engage with our practice materials tend to be better prepared when they get behind the wheel for a hands-on driving lesson. They learn faster and make fewer mistakes. These students master driving competencies quicker than the ones who don't do their homework. As a result, they need fewer lesson hours to be ready for the driving test and a life of safe defensive driving.

When you choose a driving instructor in Fairfield, your focus is likely on the driving lessons themselves. However, just as much training can happen outside these lessons. As such, choosing a driving school that provides smart, detailed practice supplements is an essential step to finding the best drivers education that money can buy. At Countrywide  Driving School, we believe that we are precisely that driving school. To learn more about our driving instructors and our supplemental practice materials, call us on 1300 306 324.

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