Coastwide Driving School at Fortitude Valley

Looking for Driving Instructor in Fortitude Valley? Choose the School with Five Decades of Experience

Too often, driving schools just focus on helping students pass the road test. Their curriculums might include lessons about road safety and defensive driving, but their top priority is creating test passers. At Rightway Driving School, our driving instructors in Fortitude Valley have always focused on more. We want to create safe drivers—people who know how to avoid dangerous situations on the road and keep themselves and their passengers secure at all times.

Because of this commitment to excellence, to choose Rightway Driving School as your driving school is to invest in your future. Our instructors, each hand-picked by our owners, will go above and beyond to teach you or your son or daughter the skills necessary to become a better driver for life. These skills have many benefits beyond helping you pass the road test. Superior driving skills result in fewer accidents. They also contribute to less money spent on expensive car repairs. Who knows, the skills you learn at Rightway might even save your life someday.

At Rightway Driving School, the excellence that our driving instructors in Fortitude Valley bring to the table hasn't gone overlooked. Today, we have been in business for 52 years and are the biggest driving school in Queensland. We got there by committing to our students and serving them to the best of our ability, and we believe you will be able to recognise the difference from the moment you meet one of our instructors.

Are you interested in learning more about Rightway Driving School or our driving instructors in Fortitude Valley? Call us on 1300 657 040 to ask any questions you might have or book a driving lesson with our school.

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