Coastwide Driving School at MOOROOKA

Add Hours to Your Logbook Faster by Working with a Countrywide Driving Instructor in Moorooka

If you are working towards your driver’s licence in Queensland and are under the age of 25, then you must record at least 100 hours of supervised driving in your logbook before you can take the road test. When you first start adding hours to your logbook, that 100-hour milestone can seem impossibly far away. However, if you choose  a countrywide driving instructor in Moorooka for your training sessions, you can get there a bit faster.

At Countrywide Driving School, we have been in business for 52 years, offering driver education services throughout Queensland. We are so reputed and respected as a driving school that our instructors are permitted to add three hours to your logbook for every one-hour training lesson. We can observe this ‘three for one’ policy for your first 10 hours of training; after that, we revert to ‘one to one.’ Still, knocking out 30 hours of your 100-hour logbook requirement is nothing to sneeze at—especially if you can do it in a third of the time!

Our driving instructors in Moorooka won’t only get you to your logbook requirement faster. On the contrary, they will also help you learn more along the way. Countrywide  Driving School is acclaimed for our commitment to teaching defensive driving techniques and other smart driving habits. No matter how many hours you spend with us, we will give you the lessons that you need to become a safe driver for life.

Are you interested in learning more about Countrywide  Driving School? Give us a call today on 1300 306 324.

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