Coastwide Driving School at New Farm

Finding a Convenient Driving Instructor in New Farm

Particularly for teenagers just learning to drive, it can be difficult to find the right driving instructor in New Farm. After school or after work are great opportunities for high school students to learn the skills that they will need to pass their driving tests and embark upon lives of safe, smart driving. However, it can also be logistically difficult for teenagers to get where they need to be for a driving lesson—particularly if their parents work in the afternoons.

At Rightway Driving School, our driving instructors in New Farm can help to solve this problem. There is no need to get to an 'official' location to start the driving lesson. Instead, one of our instructors can pick you or your teenager up at whichever location is convenient. Our start and end locations for lessons have always been flexible, ranging from schools to workplaces to residences and beyond. When you set up your driving lesson, just be sure to mention the optimal pickup and drop-off locations, and our driving instructors will make it so!

Logistical difficulties shouldn't get in the way of you or your teenager getting a terrific driving education. Good driving lessons should be accessible to everyone, regardless of location or schedule. With Rightway Driving School, you can get the driving lessons you deserve, regardless of whether or not you can get to a 'central location' to start the process. Call us today on 1300 657 040 to book one of our driving instructors for a lesson in New Farm.

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