Coastwide Driving School at Sandgate

Learn to Drive Both Manual and Automatic Transmission Cars from a Driving Instructor in Sandgate

Are you looking for a driving instructor in Sandgate that will teach a versatile array of driving skills? Someone who will teach not just safe driving tactics, but also how to operate different types of vehicles?

Too often, driving schools focus too heavily on the theoretical: how to avoid an accident, how to respond to dangers on the road, how to react to different weather conditions, etc. At Rightway Driving School, we recognise the importance of these lessons. However, we also believe that practical knowledge is necessary too.

Not much is more practical than feeling comfortable behind the wheel of any car you might be asked to drive in your life. Automatic transmission cars may be becoming increasingly standard on a global scale. However, there is still value in being able to drive a manual transmission vehicle.

Manual transmission or stick shift cars afford the driver a level of control that he or she won't get from a car where all of the car automatically changes gear for you. As such, knowing how to use a clutch, change gears or respond to potential dangers in a manual transmission car is just as important as learning how to drive in an automatic transmission vehicle.

When you decide to work with Rightway Driving School as your driving instructors in Sandgate, you can be rest assured knowing that we will include both automatic and manual transmission driving lessons into our courses. We believe that a versatile driver is a better driver, and nothing says versatility like being able to switch back and forth between manual and automatic.

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