Coastwide Driving School at WOOLLOONGABBA

Countrywide Driving School: Safer Driving Instructors with Safer Cars, Operating in Woolloongabba

At Countrywide Driving School, our priority has always been safety. From the day we opened our doors 52 years ago up to now, we have stressed the importance of smart, safe driving in our lessons. When selecting instructors, we choose the ones who are safe drivers themselves and who we believe will make our students feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel.

Our biggest goal is at Countrywide is to create drivers who will practice the safe driving strategies we teach for life. Our driving instructors in Woolloongabba don't just want to teach you how to pass a test and get your licence. On the contrary, they want to teach you lessons that will stick—long after you've left the driver's seat of one of our vehicles.

Because safety is a key focus at Countrywide Driving School, it's only right that we do everything we can to keep our students safe while they are learning to drive. For this reason, every single car used by every one of our driving instructors is a high-quality, five-star safety rated vehicle. We equip each car with dual controls, so the driving instructor can step in and take control if and when a dangerous situation arises during a driving lesson.

Don't entrust your future and your safety to a driving a school that doesn't take the effort to keep you safe while you are learning. Instead, choose Countrywide Driving School and let one of our driving instructors in Woolloongabba teach you the art of defensive driving and all of the other skills that a safe, smart driver must have. Call us on 1300 306 324  to book your first lesson today.

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