Learning to drive with Anxiety

Written by Russell Baillie

A small, but seemingly growing number of Students who want to learn to drive have a certain anxiety about driving a vehicle. They may of had a bad experience in a car previously, whether involved in a serious accident as a driver or passenger, or witnessed one and have disturbing memories. It may be just the unknown of doing something new and taking on greater responsibility. Sometimes it could be partly a lack of self belief and confidence in themselves to handle the challenge.

Professional Therapists have different methods of helping patients with their anxiety and the only option of these realistically for Driving Instructors {we are not  psychotherapists} is known as Exposure Therapy. This means the Instructor would help the Student confront their fears and worries head on, or side on, with a Softly Softly approach to driving. Taking time to explain and demonstrate, having a soft measured voice and give clear directions will help make the Student feel at ease and result in a more enjoyable and productive lesson.

A lot of anxiety can be taken out of driving if the Student looks ahead and sees what is happening early - very important. I am a huge fan of Commentary Drive, where the driver looks far ahead and tells themselves what is happening, great for increasing observation, lessening stress and maintaining focus. Three massive reasons that assist in safe driving.

Myself, and the rest of the team at Coastwide look forward to helping you work through getting your licence. You can be the next one in the picture holding up your very own P plate. Book Now 24/7 on line and don't put it off any longer!

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