Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Area: Sunshine Coast - Southern End

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated


Russell has been a Driving Instructor for over 9 years and his calm and patient approach to teaching has worked exceptionally well with his students.  Russell has had success with Learner Drivers who may have anxiety about driving, and his no stress approach helps in the regard.

His many reviews often mention his calm demeanour and patient style of instructing.  Russell believes in staying fit and healthy, is double vaccinated, enjoys most sports, going to the beach and reading.

Russell's ultimate goal with his instructing is for students to not only pass their Driving Test, but also teach skills and habits that lay the foundation for safe driving for the rest of their driving lives. Russell has a very high success rate in fulfilling this goal. 

He has worked for many years in the film industry booking films into cinemas, and movies continue to be a favourite pastime.
He has since ran several small businesses including a busy Convenience Store and Wholesale Food Business on the Sunshine Coast.


5 Star Rating


Hi Ben,

I have passed the test after a few too many attempts all thanks to the instructors at CoastWide.

Julie is a very good teacher reminding me of all the traffic rules and letting me know as soon as I make any mistake. It helps when you are reminded of all safe and correct driving practices constantly as it makes you remember everything on the test day especially for people like me who do not catch up very quickly.

Russell is also very helpful in giving tips and correct driving practices and also correcting me if something is awry as soon as possible.

I thank my instructors at CoastWide including Aaron as they made me overcome my hurdles.

Thanks and best regards,


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