Driving Test

How Coastwide helps until you pass your driving test!

Our goal is to teach our students to drive safely and  to assist them in gaining their licence. 
We stand behind our motto, Safe driving, for life.

Why use us for the Test?

The Driving Test is a very important time for learner drivers because as soon as they pass they are able to "go solo" and drive on their own. We understand that getting your licence is a very big event and we aim to make sure you are not just ready for the test, but ready to be a solo driver.

The student can be very nervous on this day and the lesson just before the test is very important for the Instructor to prepare them both physically and emotionally by calming their nerves and preparing them for the on road test. 

Some learners prefer to take the test in the family car as they have had a great many hours of familiarity with it. Others prefer to attend the test with their driving instructor and attempt the test with the instructor. Coastwide Driving School offers our customers a Test service that is much more than just car hire! 

Our offering is a Test Day Package includes a  40 minute lesson before the test, 20 minutes Test Centre preparation with our instructor, use of our car for the test, debriefing and return to home at the end of the test. The price of this service is $177.50 for existing customers, however the Department of Transport booking fee is payable in addition to this amount ($68.00). We may agree to take you for the test in rare circumstances without a driving lesson. This price is $219 plus the TMR fee.

There are some very real benefits of our service including:

  • Higher pass rates when the test is attempted in a driving instructors car
  • A more relaxed Examiner as they have access to the dual controls
  • The pre-test lesson time allows the instructor to calm, prepare and build confidence in the student just before the test
  • The Driving Examiner will not conduct the test if in their opinion the vehicle is not roadworthy

It is our requirement that a student should take at least one lesson before the test so that the instructor can confidently let the student use their vehicle for the test. If you are looking for a lesson and test package try our Blitz Your Test package.

Who books and pays for the driving test?

The wait list on the Transport website for publicly available test slots can at times be 4-5 weeks. We suggest that you plan ahead to lock in your preferred test date and time. To secure your test time, we strongly recommend that you call our customer service team and they will coordinate your availability, the instructor availability and QLD Transport test availability. We can collect and pay your QLD Transport booking fee on the phone.

A test booking fee must be made either to us or directly to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).  Tests can be booked using one of the following methods:

  • Using one of bookings allocated to us (Test Day Package)
  • Booked via the TMR website
  • Customer books the test directly with TMR
  • Tests through Coastwide are conducted Monday to Friday. 
    Saturday testing may be possible by arrangement.

We charge $68.00 for the weekday booking fee which has a slight mark-up over the department's charge. Our mark up covers the administrative costs of the process to ensure your Instructor has availability at the same time as your test booking. 

Eligibility to Sit for the Practical Driving Test

The following general rules apply to determine if the learner is eligible to sit for the test on the day booked:

  • Must be 17 years of age
  • Must have held their learners licence for at least 12 months
  • Must have completed 100 hours of supervised driving in their logbook
  • The logbook must be approved by TMR before the student can undertake the test, however we can book the test in advance but we recommend this is no sooner than 3 weeks from when they send their logbook to TMR.  
    You are now able to sign submit your logbook with your signed copy of the Driving Experience Declaration Form before you turn 17, however you must be 17 on the day you sit your Q-SAFE practical driving test.
  • Students who are 25 years of age or older or who hold an overseas licence are not required to complete a logbook.
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