3 Stages of getting your driver licence in Queensland

By April

3 stages of learning to drive.

Video by April Seymour

Hi everyone, we just want to share with you a general guide to getting your licence in Queensland and the 3 broad stages we see in that process. As a parent, it can be daunting to how many lessons you need and an at what stage. April, one of the Sunshine Coast manual instructors, will run you through the 3 broad stages and whet you can expect from your driving lessons at each point. 

General Stages


Stage 1

At this stage, you are completely new to driving with very limited or no experience. Here our instructors will focus on the basic elements of driving and get you on the road in a safe and controlled manner. 
Nil logbook hours


Stage 2

As you reach the middle section of your Logbook journey, this is a great time to have a lesson or two. Here the instructor can work on improving your technique, remove any bad habits and assist with things like road rules that your supervisor may not be aware of.
30 to 50 logbook hours


Stage 3

This final stage is the exciting bit! It is what you have been working towards! Our job is refine and enhance your driving skills so that you are read to be on the road as a solo driver! This is all about being a safe driver.... and we know that as a safe driver you pass your test.
90 logbook hours / 1 month to test

Let's get started.


How do I sign up for driving lessons?

Setting up an account is easy. Just click on the Login Button on the menu  and enter your details for a new customer (email, phone etc). 


Can I manage booking online?

Once you have your account set up, you can manage your bookings online, anytime. We also have a QLD based call centre available Monday to Friday to assist.


Do you have driving lesson packages?

If you plan ahead you will be able to save with our discounted packages. At Stage 1 the 10 lesson package is a great option. Stage 2 may involve the 5 lesson package for new customers. At Stage 3 we have various lesson and test package combinations available. It really just depends on your needs and experience. Check out packages here


Do you have driving test packages?

If you are just after a driving test package, we can certainly help you out if the team has any availability. Call us to discuss. We would recommend having a lesson or two before your test just to help give your driving skills that final polish. 

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