97.3 Bianca Mike and Bob Driving Test

By Ben

Well that was something different!


Today we challenged Bianca, Mike and Bob to take an adult driving test (BMB 97.3 Brisbane). Big shout out to them, taking a driving test for anyone can be a daunting experience but doing it on air to all of Brisbane takes it to a new level!!



Listen to the Podcast of the Driving Test here.


See the video here.


Keep an eye out for the key points:

  • Bribery - Cake anyone?
  • Optional direction through the roundabout
  • Straight shooting feedback from Leon (Book Here)
  • Reverse parking super star
  • Pedestrian? What pedestrian?


This was obviously a bit of fun, however it does show that as adults we can all be guilty of those poor habits creeping into our driving technique. 



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