Booking your Queensland Driving Test

By Ben

Great news today with the announcement this morning by the QLD Premier that you will now be able to book a driving test in Queensland from the 15th June. Like you, we found out from Facebook and had no prior warning of the announcement or the planned process for getting tests started. The good news is we will work hard to make the best out of the situation to get you all sorted for your Queensland Driving Test as quickly as we can. See below for the details and the process.

Note: There is some inconsistent messaging from TMR direct to customers. Currently as a driving school we have no ability to book your test. We will communicate by email as we get updates from TMR.


What we know today (3rd June)

  • Queensland Transport will be managing the booking process and tests resume from Monday 15th June.
  • They have removed the online booking capability and therefore we are unable to make the actual booking for you.
  • They have also not release "bulk"test slots to driving schools so we can not manage any of our own bookings at this stage.
  • This is a pretty disappointing outcome and does not take into account our availability as the student or the availability of your instructor (and their car) in the process. We have already raised this issue with Qld Transport and await a review of these limitations.

Best location for information

As Qld Transport will be managing the booking we suggest your first point of contact should be with them to understand the process. Try to start with. Specific driving test information is located here:


Priority tests

If you had a previous test booked QLD Transport will contact you or if you meet their criteria for a priority test you need to complete the following form and email it to the department of transport using - Form location click here  .

Unfortunately we can not do any of this for you as they have locked all driving schools out of this process.

Once you have a test booking confirmed

  • Ensure you have a clear record of the booking information
  • Test Time, Location etc
  • You will then need to contact us to book your instructor.
  • As your Instructor can only attend 1 test at a time this will have to be completed on a first in first served priority basis as TMR will be arranging the times. (we have no input into this)
  • If your instructor is already booked we will work with you to make other arrangements where possible. eg another instructor and car for the test.

Please don't worry, once you have your test booking time confirmed we will work with you to get your booking completed as stress free as possible. We have your back on getting your licence as quickly as possible given the circumstances.

Please only contact the office once you have your test booking time confirmed. Use Option (3) on the new menu.





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