Our COVID 19 Update

By Ben

Updated 30th April 2020

Great news Queensland!

It looks like the social distancing measures we have all been living with have had a positive impact on the spread of Covid19 in Queensland. With the changes being implemented on Saturday 2nd May we are making preparations for a staged and thoughtful return to operations. 
As always your health and the health of our dedicated team of Instructors will be our #1 priority. We will maintain an active watch on the watch on the community transmission rates and once satisfied with the results we will reopen our booking system.

To assist with this staged ramp up we have reopened our Online Store today.

You can expect to see our team return in a staged manner from the Friday 8th May. As some Instructors have family members in the "at risk" category, they may decide to delay their start. Please respect their decision to place the health of their family first.

Our team is really excited to be getting back to sharing their expert knowledge and helping you get your licence.


Let's embrace these changes and be happy to work together.


More to come as our plans firm up - remember your vouchers have been extended !


Please note that Driving Tests are still suspended by QLD Department of Transport.





:Updated 2nd April:

Your safety and the safety of our team is #1

Unfortunately we have had to take act extremely fast to bring our business in line with government personal distancing requirements. We understand that this has disappointed many of our loyal and valued customers. This health emergency is unprecedented and we have to ensure the safety of our team and our customers.

We listened and acted early.

Our customers were also letting us know what community expectations were in relation to this. In one day we had 62 phone calls to  cancel lessons in response to the increasing restrictions and worry in the community. This does not even include lessons cancelled online. 

Be assured we are here for the long term.

  1. When this is over your vouchers will be available to use. Our instructors will need the work and they will appreciate the return to normal.

  2. Your accounts will be available online to keep track of your lessons. 

  3. Our call centre closed on Friday 27th March.  During the suspension of lessons our phones will divert to voicemail. We still have people in the back ground processing these requests so please be patient and we will get back to you as soon as we can. This will be via email or text. Unfortunately we are not processing refunds.

  4. This suspension has been put in place to meet the government personal distancing requirements to maintain 1.5m distance and abide to by the 4m2 per person rule. (this has been verified again by the national covid19 hotline on 26th March)

  5. All vouchers will be extended and lessons can be taken after this suspension period. 

  6. Our instructor team have been asked not to complete private lessons. Our insurances do not apply to lessons conducted after Sunday 29th March 2020 until normal operations resume. Terms and conditions for lessons remain the same and vouchers cannot be refunded or applied toward unauthorised lessons conducted during the stoppage. 


What is happening with tests?

On the 26th March, TMR announced that Driving Tests will be suspended to ensure the ongoing safety of their team. This is effective from the close of business on the of 27th March and expected to last 3 months, although we will be ready to ramp up as soon as this restriction is lifted. Your test vouchers will be extended to cover this stoppage by transport.

Your safety and the safety of our team remains our primary objective.

As things improve we will review the situation and continue to keep you updated.


We hope that you, your family and friends stay safe and we look forward to continue our services once the current restrictions are removed.


Ben Ward



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