QLD Mobile Phone rules and how they apply to your licence.

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Road Rules

As a young or inexperienced driver you are more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle incident. Due to this elevated risk, the QLD Government has a graduated approach to using mobile phones while driving.

There are some great sites that outline the rules, here is a summary of the relevant information taken for the streetsmart website.


L's, P1's (under 25) and P2's

All Learners or Provisional licence holders who use a phone illegally while driving will receive a $1033 fine and four demerit points for the first offence. 

Learners will lose their licence after just one mobile phone offence. 

P-platers will lose their licence or face a one-year good driving behaviour period.

It is illegal for Learners and P1’s to use a phone in any way while driving. This includes using maps, Bluetooth and handsfree. If your phone is in a pocket of your clothing or a pouch you're wearing, you must not use it in any way.

This includes touching it, looking at it or operating it with your voice

Passengers of these drivers also cannot use phones on loudspeaker.


P2 Licence Holders

P2 licence holders can use Bluetooth and functions like maps if the phone is hands free, for example in a cradle attached to the vehicle. 

However, you must always have proper control of your vehicle.


Phone usage when stopped

All drivers can hold a phone when safely stopped to:

- pay for goods and services, for example at a drive through gain access to or from a road-related area, such as a car park.
-  present a digital driver licence or other document to police when asked or
- get a card or money out of a phone wallet for the above purposes.


Open Licence

Additionally, if you have an open licence you can use a phone hands-free, for example, in a cradle attached to the vehicle. This can include to accept calls, use navigation apps, skip a song, or accept or finish a trip as a rideshare driver. 

However, you must always have proper control of your vehicle. Open and P2 licence holders can also use a phone hands-free if it's in a pocket of your clothing or a pouch you're wearing. However, you must not touch or look at the phone. It can only be operated using your voice.

Check out QLD Government information services for the latest and full details. 

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