Want to get your P’s There’s an app for that!

By Ben

Have you ever recorded numerous hours in your paper logbook only to have lost it?  Or are you tired of writing down every driving trip manually?  If so we have some good news for you. The recently released free QLD Learner Logbook App by the Department of Main Roads and Transport QLD makes it easier than ever to accurately record your practice drives and have them verified by your supervisor or instructor.   

The app is the first of its kind. It makes the process of recording practice drives counting towards the compulsory 100 log book hours easier and more convenient. 

Similar to the paper logbook, the app allows learner drivers to digitally record the details of their previous trips, with additional features including an in app timer that records the length of trips, the ability to save the details of more than 1 vehicle and supervising driver as well as the option to have your trips approved by your supervising driver or instructor by email. The supervising driver or instructor simply click to confirm the entry! 

The introduction of the app also means that learners can now submit their completed hours to the Department of Transport and Main Roads electronically, which will greatly reduce the waiting time for logbook approval. 

Another benefit of the app includes that once it is downloaded and you have signed in, it doesn’t require an internet connection to use the basic function of recording trip details, all information is privately stored on the app and then uploaded when
 an internet connection is available! 

Don’t worry if you’ve already started filling out your paper logbook, you can still use the app! You can choose to either fill out the details of the trips you’ve already made into the app or submit both the hours in your paper logbook and your app to Department of Transport and Main Roads. 

To use the Queensland Learner Logbook app you must be at least 16 years old. You will need your valid Queensland learner licence, a mobile phone or tablet using iOS (8 or above) or Android (5 or above).  

To download the app, head to either the Apple Store or Google Play.

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