What driving examiners are looking for

By Ben

This week our Coastwide Team were invited to present at a joint TMR and QLD Police community event where road safety for seniors was the theme. An unexpected, but very interesting presentation by a TMR Examiner went through the various elements that he looks for while conducting a driving test. While this was aimed at the Senior audience, there were several great tips for all learner drivers.




Decision Making and Hazards

  • What are hazards?
    • Poor road conditions
    • Pedestrians and vulnerable road users
    • Vehicles approaching from adjacent streets

  • What behaviours do safe drivers show?
    • Getting ready to brake
    • Easing off the accelerator
    • Reducing speed
    • Change road position or lane to create a buffer


Road Position

  • Maintain a crash avoidance space
  • Factor in reaction time and response time
  • 3 second following gap


Speed Management

  • Manage your speed to suit the conditions
  • Drive at a speed within the posted limits
  • Reduce speed if you don't have a clear view ahead, or when approaching
    • blind corners or crests
    • blocked intersections
    • or if the space by the side of your vehicle is limited (eg parked cars)



  • Scanning
    Look in your mirrors
    Scan left and right
    Scan in the distance
    Scan the road surface
    Scan instruments and gauges

  • Check blind spots when 
    Changing lanes
    Turning left / Right
    Joining traffic


These are just a few tips, however you should see a strong correlation between what your driving instructor is getting you to focus on and what the examiners are look for.

You can always get a refresher or polish up on these skills and more by booking a lesson with our RACQ Approved team.


Safe driving, for life.

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