Instructors at Coastwide Driving

Driving School Instructor Simon


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: Sunshine Coast - Southern End

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Hyundai i30

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated


In my previous career as a pilot for more than 30 years, safety has been at the forefront of my daily job. I'm excited to use the principles I have learned, and along with the team at Coastwide, help contribute to a new generation of safe and confident drivers.

During my time, I have lived and worked in 5 different countries and I met my Chinese wife working in Beijing. I love to deal with people from diverse backgrounds and different cultures.

I'm also a father of four and I want the road to be safer for them and for your families.

In my spare time, I'm a golfing nut and enjoy flying RC aircraft.


Driving School Instructor Walter


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor, RYDA Presenter

Teaching Areas: Brisbane East

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Toyota Yaris

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster


I am Scots born, Kiwi raised, living in Oz. Family oriented with a love of sports and a good sense of humour.

I spent 28 years as a cop in New Zealand, 10 of those years in traffic.  I have seen the best and the worst of driving behaviours and their outcomes.

I love driving, and I love teaching others to drive, safely and correctly, through teaching individual students, as well as the group programs of RYDA and Defensive Driving I am involved in through the school.


Driving School Instructor Andy


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, RYDA presenter, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas:  Sunshine Coast

Teaching Experience: 3 years+

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Mazda 2  Manual

Andy is a fantastic member of our team and has a passion for the industry and passing on his extensive experience.
His customers love his thoughtful approach, calm nature ability to explain new ideas in simple steps.

Driving School Instructor Michelle


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Areas: Southern Brisbane

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Hyundai Accent

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster


Michelle is an enthusiastic driving instructor with over 20 years of customer service experience.

After taking on the role of a full time stay at home mum Michelle studied and trained as a driving instructor. This provides a flexible work life balance around school and parenting. This balance fosters an enjoyable one on one environment that benefits the students progress.

Michelle loves teaching our new drivers and enjoys watching students progress in both skill level and confidence.


Check out the in car cleaning processes that Michelle uses to keep you safe.



“I want to teach safe driving habits and to respect everyone on the road.

I am a friendly, patient flexible and nurturing instructor who will work with you to achieve your goals.” 

Thank you Michelle.

Driving School Instructor Catherine


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: Brisbane Southside

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Hyundai i30

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated

Catherine is a positive and experienced trainer that has been working with young people for almost 15 years as a music tutor. It seemed a natural transition to join the Coastwide team with her husband Robert (who teaches manual) as an instructor. Conscientious, kind and patient Catherine believes that creating a safe and calm space for students to start their learner journey as it ultimately should continue; making calm and safe drivers ready for their independent driving adventure.





Driving School Instructor Allister


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Brisbane CBD & Brisbane North

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Hyundai Accent

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster

Allister has experience in the industry, a patient approach and a relaxed teaching style you can't go wrong.

Covering all suburbs Brisbane CBD, and Brisbane North and also Keys2Drive accredited.

Allister has a real passion for teaching manual, and feels that it is a valuable skill to have even if you only ever drive automatic cars.

Allister is dedicated to helping his students become the safest driver they can be.


Driving School Instructor Bruce


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Area: Hervey Bay

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Kia Rio

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster

Bruce is often told how patient he is, resulting in a relaxed and calm environment to learn how to drive.
From absolute beginners to those approaching their test, Bruce’s past experience as an Instructor on the Sunshine Coast resulted in an exceptionally high pass rate for driving tests. His unique style of training manoeuvres makes them a skill for life whilst having fun.

Bruce is a former resident of Hervey Bay of 35 years, working previously in Hospitality and Media. Customer service is paramount and teaches students how to be confident and competent drivers.
Returning to Hervey Bay reunites him with his family who have called Hervey Bay home since 1976.



Driving School Instructor Urmila


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer and Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Brisbane North

Teaching Experience: over 3 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Suzuki Swift

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster

After training as a Driving Instructor, Urmila joined the Coastwide team with a passion for teaching and road safety.
Urmila lives on the northside of Brisbane and is looking forward to teaching you how to drive.
Urmila has flexible work hours to suit your needs and a focus on delivering excellent results.


Driving School Instructor Julie


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, RYDA presenter

Former QLD Driving Examiner (Sunshine Coast)

Teaching Area: Sunshine Coast - Southern End

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Mazda 3

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated

My past career as a Driving Examiner on the Sunshine Coast was most rewarding, challenging and fulfilling career path which I loved immensely, but I couldn’t talk and assist – which I found very difficult!

I’ve also been a Primary School Teacher on the Coast for approximately 15 years, so educating, teaching, instructing and directing students is a huge passion of mine.

Combining both career skills will give me a huge advantage to be able to not only assist yourself/child to pass the driving test, but to teach to drive safely and correctly for life!

Driving School Instructor Sue


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, RYDA presenter

Teaching Areas: Sunshine Coast

Teaching Experience: more than 20 years

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Toyota Yaris


Sue has 20 years of experience as an Instructor and has also spent time as an Instructor/Assessor in Adelaide. She initially decided to become an instructor after teaching a friend to drive and enjoying the experience.

So far, Sue has delivered approximately over 20,000 driving lessons.

Sue hopes to contribute to our community by creating drivers that are competent with both the skills and knowledge as well as incorporating defensive driving to improve their awareness on the road.

If you are looking for an instructor that has years of experience and is both passionate and patient, then Sue is the right instructor for you.

Sue's long-term goals are to continue teaching and promote safe driving skills and road awareness.

Driving School Instructor Michael


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, RYDA Presenter

Teaching Area: Northern Brisbane/Southern Moreton Bay Region

Teaching Experience: 10 years +

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Silver Mazda 2

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster

Having had 12 years of being a driver instructor and assessor, I know the skills, confidence and abilities required for people to gain their driver’s licence.

Before becoming a driving instructor, I worked in the printing industry and was a manager in a large, busy factory in the ACT, supervising many people and training apprentices in my team. My excellent communication skills helped me liaise with others, to troubleshoot to solve problems. My calm, respectful manner allowed me to support others to meet job deadlines and job requirements.

I am bi-lingual (Spanish) and have taught many students with another language as their first language other than English, how to drive. I have taught many ages of people how to drive, from 16 years of age up to adults getting their licence for the first time.

I believe we all learn best when calm and in a positive head space. I have a patient and relaxed manner which supports my students to have success as drivers. I provide my students the reassurance and knowledge necessary to be confident and safe drivers. 

I am a mad keen fisherman and love going out on the boat. If I don’t see you out on the water casting a fishing rod, I’ll see you on the road learning to drive!


Driving School Instructor Aaron


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Sunshine Coast

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Hyundai Accent




Driving School Instructor Andrew


Accredited Master Driver Trainer QLD, Queensland & NSW Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited, RYDA presenter, Trainer & Assessor

Teaching Areas: Sunshine Coast

Teaching Experience: 6 years +

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Mazda 2

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster

Andrew has a passion for safe driving, and became a Driving Instructor in Sydney in January 2016, and updated this qualification in September 2018.

Being a Physiotherapist for 30 years, I've seen a lot of injuries caused by inadequate care and attention on our roads. While living in the UK, I completed an Advanced Driver Course and has been a Member of Institute of Advanced Motorists (Roadsmart) for over 15 years.

Working on Sydney's busy North Shore area, I became Keys 2 Drive accredited and qualified to be a NSW Safer Drivers Course Module 1 (Classroom) Facilitator and Module 2 (on road) Coach.

I became a Trainer and Assessor in late 2016, and started training new Driving Instructors / Accredited Driver Trainers for PVET Institute, a Registered Training Organisation in NSW and Queensland.

I continue to improve myself with ongoing professional development and in 2019 became a recognised Master Driver Trainer with the Australian Driver Trainers Association.

I relocated to Sunshine Coast in September 2018 and look forward to providing guidance, support and empowering new drivers.

Driving School Instructor Angie


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: Sunshine Coast

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Red Suzuki Swift

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated

After teaching my eldest teenager to drive, I found I really enjoyed the process of teaching as well as watching their skill and enjoyment of driving improve, so decided to obtain my Driver training accreditation.

Currently still having learner drivers in my household, I understand the importance of building confidence and awareness on the roads. Being able to pass on the skills to encourage good, safe and defensive driving that will stay with new drivers is my aim during their lessons.

Driving School Instructor April


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor, RYDA presenter

Teaching Areas: Sunshine Coast

Teaching Experience: more than 15 years

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Blue Suzuki Swift

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster

April has been teaching students to drive for 15 years in manual transmission. She is highly sought after by local residents due to her empathy and care for young people who maybe feeling very nervous about learning to drive and her technical skill in teaching.

April uses a structured lesson plan, so the learning to drive process has continuity and over the period of driving lessons on the Sunshine Coast the individual achieves the highest level of competency and importantly life long safe driving habits.

April has a broad roster so that she is available for lessons when it best suits learner drivers still attending high school.

Recently April put together a general summary of the 3 stages of learning to drive. This gives a simple overview of what you can expect at each of the three stages.

Driving School Instructor Scott


Available for approx. 1 month from 27 June 2022





Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: Sunshine Coast

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Toyota Corolla


I have been in the transport industry for over 35 years and am passionate about the safe operation of vehicles, whether they are motorcycles, cars, heavy vehicles, and even aircraft.

I love driving and also teaching and look forward to passing on the knowledge I have learned throughout my career, promoting defensive driving and safe driving skills.


Driving School Instructor Rob


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Licensed Driving Instructor - NSW, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Brisbane Northside 

Teaching Experience: 5 years+

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Golf Auto (European style indicators)

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster


Rob is an experienced member of our team who has recently returned to Brisbane after being in NSW. Rob has a professional approach to his training and enjoys working with his students to achieve their driving goals. He also has a European style vehicle which may suit your needs if you have this style of car (Left hand indicator control) on your home vehicle. It is also great experience for those who don't have this type of vehicle at home.


Driving School Instructor Christos


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: Brisbane

Teaching Experience: 7 years +

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Suzuki Swift

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated


Christos is a laid-back and friendly industry professional that has been working as a driving instructor since 2014.

He is committed to creating a stress-free environment for students of all ages and backgrounds to learn the life skill of driving.

Driving School Instructor Robert


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Bayside to Logan & all South East Suburbs

Teaching Experience: 4 years+

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Hyundai i30

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated


Robert's career background was as a corporate trainer in the financial services management which has a strong regulated environment.

Robert has a strong passion for instructing and he wants to see all drivers consistently enjoying a safe driving experience whilst also having a positive and fun learning experience . 



Robert's aim is to ensure all of his students develop the capacity to actively manage both the learning journey and also gain the personal management skills to successfully navigate their driver training, including their attitudes and behaviours, irrespective of their previous driving experience.

Robert has a very patient nature and also the ability to change his own teaching methods to suite your needs. His encouraging approach and communication style ensures a supportive learning environment for each individual student.


Driving School Instructor Sandy



Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Areas: Brisbane North, Bribie Island

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Hyundai i30

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated


Sandy initially became a qualified driving instructor because her own children had commenced learning to drive and she wanted to undertake training which would help her to equip them with the right attitudes, skills and knowledge to become safe, responsible and competent road users. Having a background in both education and customer service, it then seemed a logical choice to gain her accreditation as a Driver Trainer and assist other learner drivers to develop safe driving habits.

Sandy is a calm, patient and friendly driving instructor and is available for bookings in Bribie Island and surrounding areas.


Book online today before Sandy books out!

Driving School Instructor Barry


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor, RYDA presenter, Corporate driver trainer, 4WD trainer

Teaching Areas: Caboolture

Teaching Experience: more than 5 years

Transmission: Automatic & Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Hyundai / Toyota

Recognition: Instructor of the week

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated








Driving School Instructor Patrick


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Brisbane

Teaching Experience: 25years+

Transmission: Automatic

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Mazda 2

Covid-19 Vaccination Status: Fully Vaccinated with Booster


Patrick was born in Brisbane and has lived here his whole life.

What do you love about your being a driver trainer?

"I really enjoy being a Driver Trainer because I get to meet many people and pass along my 26 years of experience. It’s a great feeling when someone passes the licence test but I feel far more satisfaction knowing they will be a safe and defensive driver far into the future.

Outside of training...

Patrick is interested in cars and motorbikes, computers and games, occasionally a fishing trip and travel.


Driving School Instructor Russell


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Area: Sunshine Coast - Southern End

Transmission: Auto

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated


Russell has been a Driving Instructor for over 9 years and his calm and patient approach to teaching has worked exceptionally well with his students.  Russell has had success with Learner Drivers who may have anxiety about driving, and his no stress approach helps in the regard.

His many reviews often mention his calm demeanour and patient style of instructing.  Russell believes in staying fit and healthy, is double vaccinated, enjoys most sports, going to the beach and reading.

Russell's ultimate goal with his instructing is for students to not only pass their Driving Test, but also teach skills and habits that lay the foundation for safe driving for the rest of their driving lives. Russell has a very high success rate in fulfilling this goal. 

He has worked for many years in the film industry booking films into cinemas, and movies continue to be a favourite pastime.
He has since ran several small businesses including a busy Convenience Store and Wholesale Food Business on the Sunshine Coast.


Driving School Instructor Steve


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Areas: Sunshine Coast

Teaching Experience: 11 years +

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Hyundai i30 (Manny the manual)

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated with Booster


Steve is passionate about helping you become a safe and confident manual driver. Check out his profile video below and book online.

First look at Steve's great new car!

Steve is an experienced instructor in many fields of training and assessment. He’s trained in many of his lifelong passions! He’s been a passionate trainer and assessor since 2010.

Steve’s rewarding training career developed from his love of boating and deep-sea fishing. He worked in the marine industry as a Recreational Marine Driver License (RMDL) and Jet Ski License (PWC) instructor. Steve then went on to work as a Professional Driver Trainer with RACQ. He taught 4WD training for the mining industry, 2WD defensive driving, company employer assessment drives and medical assessment drives.


Steve’s impressive list of training qualifications and experience also includes his life-long passion for two wheels. His training portfolio also includes QRide Motorcycle training and assessment.  

Steve says training is not all about instructing. First you must have a deep desire and passion to sincerely want to “help” people learn in the area that you are training in. A trainer is so much more than “just an instructor”, yes, we instruct, we also coach, we are also teachers, we mentor, we are great listeners, great communicators, with patience as deep as the deepest oceans and we are naturally an empathetic bunch!

My goal is to not just equip the student with the necessary skills to pass a practical driving assessment. My goal is to imagine each learner driver as my son or daughter, teaching them defensive driving skills for life and instilling in them, a positive driving attitude helping save lives on our roads.  

Let’s train together, lets learn together and most of all, let’s build an exciting appreciation for safe driving.


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Driving Instructors have the opportunity to make a lifelong impact on students and their families. Being an integral part of a student's development from their first lesson to their positive test result is an amazingly fulfilling experience.


Promoting Safe Driving Skills

Our motto is "Safe Driving, For Life" - we don't just say it, we all live it. Being part of a team that has shared values helps build your professional network. Our team regularly share learnings, ideas and observations to help everyone deliver a great outcome for everyone's students. 


Run your own business and work your own hours

Ultimately you are your own boss. Live the dream! You choose your own work hours and we look after all of your marketing, sales, client contact and administration. 


Supportive work environment

We talk a lot about values. We operate with a mutual respect which encourages a positive and productive work environment which let's you get on with delivering quality driving services knowing that we have your back.



Dedicated Customer Service Team

Our Gold Coast based Customer Service team provide brand specific support to our instructors. We handle all of your customer payments, marketing, social media, customer enquiries, customer emails, phone calls, messaging, sms reminders and more!

We focus on that so you can focus on delivering a quality experience for your student.


Fortnightly Payments

When you run your own business managing cash flow can be one of the biggest issues. Our instructor administration service  gives you a regular fortnightly income and the planning tools to budget and forecast your future income. 

We handle all of your customer payments, payment gateways, online security and database management so that you can focus delivering a quality experience to your customer.



Approachable Management

We are not perfect - no one is!
However, we work openly with instructors to ensure that everything we do meets our collective expectations and we always look for improvements.

Our Customer Service team is led by by a dedicated Operations Manager. Our Instructors are supported by a dedicated General Manager. Both roles are supported by the business owner as required. All senior support is available to help resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.


Customer Generation

Our instructors enjoy a steady stream of new customers which are generated by an extensive and focussed digital marketing process. Additionally, the Customer Service team work with your students to book in lessons and tests. We also do outbound calls to customers with existing vouchers to help fill your diary.

Can you imagine working all day and then having to do this at night! We take that drama away from you and let you focus on delivering quality lessons.



Industry Training

We have a great understanding of how to get your qualifications to become an instructor. Our approach is simple: if you are starting a new career, you should give yourself the best training so that you have the greatest chance of success. We can step you through the options and support you through the process. Talk to us before you sign up for training!


Talk to us & let's get started!

If this sounds like the best way to help you be a successful Driver Trainer then we need to have a chat.

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